Asset Contest - Win Unity 3.4 + Android Pro and more (over $5K total in prizes!)

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick note to let all you talented artists know about an Asset Contest design3 is having. We’ll be offering prizes worth over $5,000 to acquire spaceships and game props for our video game, 51 Run.

Prizes include Unity 3.4 + Android Pro, Substance Designer 2, Mixamo 3D animation services, design3 Memberships, and we’ll feature the winners’ work in the game.

The contest is calling for designers to submit art for two modeling and texturing categories:

  1. Make a spaceship
  2. Create game props

The winning spaceship model will be used in the game to whisk the alien away safety and can be anything from a typical circular UFO to an intergalactic space rocket. Game props are tools or furnishings utilized in the game. Examples include laboratory equipment (microscopes and beakers), tools for recapturing and escape (large butterfly nets and gigantic hammers), to ground floor desert props (cactuses and rattlesnakes).

Entries are being accepted now through September 30th.

We are beyond excited about this project and hope you are too. We will be posting updates and look forward to your creative contest submissions!

Best wishes,
design3 Team

PS: Check out our growing Blender training library!

Since I know it’ll come up:

All submitted content becomes property of design3 and may be used and sold within 51 Run without additional permission, compensation or payment to the submitter.

Meh, nevermind then, although I liked the subject and the prizes, this is a downer :frowning:

Hi there,

A quick note to remind everyone that submissions for our Asset Contest are due by midnight PST on Friday, September 30th (2 weeks!). We look forward to your submissions and can’t wait to give away over $5,000 in prizes.

@Month - Sorry the terms are preventing you from participating. Next time!

For more info visit:

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

design3 Team

spec work ever so yummy

Tea_Monster, thank you for that link. It was very informative and quite illuminating on the subject.

Excellent link tea monster

well i now have a question… i am about to begin a project for a business professionals of america, a Highschool/college competition thing… this years animation is space… would i be able to post our Generation ship as the entrie for this as well? or would it be unsafe due to the rights being given away if i were to win?

Hello: Thanks for the comments everyone!

@PurpleBat: Great question! The main problem with submitting the same asset in two contests is if you win both contests and the same asset is featured in two games. This could cause potential problems with the object being published twice. If you’d like to participate in both, I would recommend slightly altering the asset so you’re not submitting the same exact thing for both contests.

@Tea_Monster: Thanks for posting the link, there is some great info in there. We want to let the Blender community know that the intentions of this contest goes way beyond getting assets for a game - our intention is to engage the community and get game developers involved in our project. Most entrants are excited about practicing their passion and skill sets with the added incentive of great prizes :slight_smile:

Thanks! We can’t wait to see everyone’s submissions.

Our best,
design3 Team

It’s our pleasure to announce the winners of the ‘51 Run’ Asset Contest! Drum roll please…

Grand Prize: Juha Aalto
Second Place: Jet Quinn
Third Place: David Maimone
Fourth Place: Tim Hobson

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated. All entrants will get recognition in our game credits and will receive a copy of the game upon it’s release. Choosing a winner was tough - design3 members are a talented bunch!

Our best,
design3 Team