Asset Creation Toolset 3.1.2 [UPDATE 26 Oct, 2020]

Hello Community!

Asset Creation Toolset is Many Tools for Game Asset Creation.

Asset Creation Toolset has following functions:

  • Origin Align Tool
  • Batch Rename UV by UV Index
  • Batch Add UV Layer to Selected Objects with Custom Name
  • Batch Remove UV Layer from Selected Objects by UV Index
  • Set Active UV Layer for Selected Objects in 3D View and Image/UV Editor by UV Index
  • Numbering Objects
  • Batch Export FBX to Unity by Object/Parent/Collection
  • Batch Import FBXs/OBJs
  • Create Palette Texture from Colorful Materials
  • Transfer Material Base Color to Viewport Color
  • Batch Clear UV Maps/Clear Vertex Color
  • Transfer Object Name To Mesh Name
  • Batch Clear Custom Normals
  • Flip/Calculate Normals for Selected Objects in Object Mode
  • Delete From Selected Objects Unused Materials
  • Set Origin to Selected in Edit Mode
  • Assign Active Material To Selected Faces in MultiEdit Mode
  • UV Mover Tool for Easier Atlas Packing
  • Add .L or .R suffix to Bones
  • Merge Bones Tool - Delete Bones With Transfer Weight
  • Quick Select Texture from Active material in UV Editor
  • Invert Weight Paint Brush

Addon Available Free for Blender 2.81+, 2.80 and 2.79 (Some functions depends from version)



Nice addon!!! Thanks a lot!!!

Very nice ! Thanks~

Thanks a lot and congrats!:o

Asset Creation Toolset 2.1 Features

Big Thanks !

I using" Asset Creation Toolset and Texel Density Checker" in my daily work.

Maybe we can choose the different location tool shelf or property shelf or custom category ?

I have too many addons in my blender! I hard to find the tool sometime !:stuck_out_tongue:

By the way

Is it possible to support U4 ?

May be we can have export preset? So we custom different location and FBX setting !

U4? Unreal Engine 4? Yes

Yes , unreal 4 !

I’m testing your addon to complete our pipeline on the studio and for now, is absolutly brilliant. I use the export to Unity tool. I’m searching for the same like your to add and complete the pipeline, the animation export on FBX. I test manually and goes great and clean using NLA and export settings, but I still have the rotation “problem” on the mesh. Are you thinking to update your addon with animation export? I have some proposals :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks @mrven!

Thanks. In the future I add more functions for Export

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very nice stuff, thanks for sharing. I have written some unity batch export scripts as well that packages objects by grouped names to fbx files. Some of your scripts will help to improve my scripts.

Hey, I love the export fbx script, thanks for sharing! Though it wouldn’t work for multi user data, so i tweaked the code to allow for it. I hope you don’t mind, here’s a github link

This thing looks fantastic! I have no technical insight into this, so this is just a noncoding laymans question who is working with Unreal Engine 4 and Blender: Would it be possible to write an Addon that allows me to set up a complete scene in Blender using instances of objects and export the whole thing to UE4, so that it recognizes the custom world parameters (rotation, scale, transform) of each object (like in your Unity video) and also translates the fact, that multiple objects are merely an instance of the same static mesh object? It would be incredible to be able to design whole levels in Blender and just send them over to UE4! I would more than happily pay good money for an addon that allowed me to do that, it would be a great time saver.

Asset Creation Toolset 2.3 features:

Thank you so much for sharing and all the work you put into it. It looks like a super useful addon. Really happy I found it!

This looks like a really useful tool. Going to give it a shot with my UE4 workflow :slight_smile:

@HeadClot @red2blue Thanks for your review!

Thanks for review!

In version 2.3 you can use some options for export:

  • If You apply Location, Rotation and Scale you must create single user data for All Objects (U - Make Single User Data)
  • If You DON’T apply Loc, Rot, Scale you CAN export with Instances

Problem in case Apply Transforms for Multi User Objects. You can select few Multi User Objects and try apply transform manually (Ctrl+A). Will be displayed error message about this

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Asset Creation Toolset 2.4 features (23 Sep, 2018):

Improvements Rename Tools:

  • Add Prefix and Postfix together with one click

  • New option " Delete Blender Nums ". With this option Blender Nums (.001, .002, etc.) will be removed before adding prefix/postfix.

  • Added new tool " Numbering Objects "- Delete Blender Nums and Add your own numbering. This Tool has some options:

    • Method (Along X, Y, Z Axis and Simple) - It’s method of sorting numbers: Along Axis or without sorting (simple).

    • Format - Different formats for Numbering: