Asset Creation Toolset 3.1 [UPDATE 30 Jun, 2020]

I found the “issue”. If an object is active, but not selected, it’s considered as selected. That’s good to know :slight_smile: Thanks anyway

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When exporting a collection with lods to FBX and importing into Unity, an unnecessary rotation of 90 degrees appears and some kind of suffix is superfluous … E appeared in the latest version of the add-on, everything worked well in the past. I had to roll back.

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Thanks for report. I will check it

And will be great if you append file with example. With that I will can faster find and fix problem

I was wondering if it would be possible to “apply” transforms within blender? Cause i know blender has a habit of having left over transform data (even if it shows 0) which can affect an export (and sometimes even internal stuff) it would be cool if this asset could clean that up.

Your current exporter doesn’t seem to work for animations which is fine, but being able to apply transforms would be very useful.

I’m also getting the suffix when exporting using Export Mode: By Collection. The suffix is getting added during export it would seem as it’s there if I reimport the fbx straight back into Blender. the suffix I get is _ex

Is there a fix coming for this?
Great add on by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks for report! It will be fixed in next release. I hope in this month)))

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I have noticed another ‘bug’ you might like to be aware of. When exporting using By Collection for Unity, the mesh will import into Unity with a 270 degree rotation. (when only one mesh is in the collection) . If multiple meshes are in the collection, it will group them all under the parent node ( which has zero rotations) and each mesh with have a 270 degree rotation. on the X axis. This doesn’t happen if I use All > One FBX. That option will bring the meshes into Unity correctly aligned and with 0 rotations.

Basically having reset rotation doesnt seem to be working on Export by Collection.

UPDATE Asset Creation Toolset 3.0.1 (Blender 2.81 ang Higher) (10 Jun, 2020):

  • [Fix] [Export] Incorrect Export by Collection

@11153 @rob_beddall Please, check export by collection

Both the suffix and rotation issues appear to be fixed. awesome! :slight_smile:

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UPDATE Asset Creation Toolset 3.1 (Blender 2.81 ang Higher) (30 Jun, 2020):

  • [New] [Weight Paint] Invert Weight Paint Brush

If use Add (or Subtract) Blending “Invert Brush” will switch Add/Subtract blending Mode. In another cases “Invert Brush” will invert Weight Value (for example, 0.2 - 0.8). You can Assign Shortcut for this function (RMB -> Assign Shortcut) (Recommended assign “X” key. This key is empty for Weight Paint and uses for Invert in many software).

  • [New] [Viewport Color] Random Material Viewport Color
  • [New] [Viewport Color] Clear Material Viewport Color (Return Default Light Grey Color)
  • [New] [Palette Texture] Saving Palette Texture after Baking (as in “Export FBX Tool”)
  • [Fix] [Palette Texture] Image Editor Window switched to Console if opened several Image Editor Windows
  • [Fix] [Export FBX] Error when Exported Object has “incorrect” Modifier (red highlighted)