Asset Flinger Add-on - Simple Mesh Importer

Great addon ; ) well done !

comeinandburn - Thanks! :smiley:

Toudou - Thank you!
And yes, you’re right :slight_smile: I added the issue to the known issues section

pitiwazou - Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Of course, most of the credit goes to the developers. I was able to do a small bit of the simple code, but mainly directed, documented and made the thumbnail rendering template .blends and marketing material for the project - and also some of the CC-0 model assets, but some of them were donated by my other 3D friends.

Great addon :slight_smile:
But! Plise! add .LWO format. Now use only OBJ

double post

Hi whith 2.76b i can’t make it working, delete the old one and install the 2.1

Tested in stable Version 2.77! Works very well! :slight_smile:

Thanks for keeping updated mkbreuer

i don´t know if understand right, but i am not the developer. I’m just a user.
All thanks go to @manujarvinen

nice addon
btw, I am just curious about how to make this pic

They addon is awesome. I just cant figure out how to get the thumbnailer to work on windows 10. I have tried everything to get it to work and no luck so far. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Awesome addon, thanks for the great work. I do have a question though, how to do you get the thumbnailer to work on windows 10. I have tried everything I can think of and I can’t seem to get it to work. I followed directions on github also. I still can’t get it to work at all. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

I made add-ons that can quickly create assets with Blender alone.
↓ download - GitHub ↓

This is an add-on that creates thumbnails and obj for Asset Flinger in no time.
An obj file with an object name,
A small thumbnail image of the selected object,
You can create it immediately in the specified folder.

■ How to use
● DL and install this add-on
● On the Asset Flinger add-on setting screen, set the file path of a favorite place
● On the setting screen of two add-ons, set the same file path as the file path set by Asset Flinger add-on
● Image / UV editor is divided and displayed
● View 3D> Tool Shelf> Create> Asset Flinger OBJ & Thumbnail ← Because UI is added here, execute OBJ Export and Thumbnail Export respectively.
● When Thumbnail Export is executed, the result of rendering is displayed in the image / UV editor, so please try several times while checking this and find a good angle.
● !! save is overwriting immediately after saving !! be careful not to wear same object names

Wonderful idea!
Unfortunately when Export and Thumbnail happens.

Hi @maxon , I just discovered the addon and it looks great! Thank you for creating it.

I wonder if it’s still being updated? I saw your comment on Youtube video:

I had an issue that i asked to Thomas Hoppe on github and i’ll post here as well in case you could clarify it for me:

I am slightly confused on how things work and addon should be used.

Exporting model with “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E” creates blend, obj and png files but the blend file seems ‘empty’ (Nothing appears when i opened it). However it works properly (modifiers etc.) when i add the exported blend file with “Ctrl+Shift+Alt+A”. Is that normal? How does this work?

Here is my use scenario and expectation:
1- I have an existing model library in blend files
2- I just would like to generate thumbnails to be used with your addon (But addon generates/exports a blend file which wipes out the model in it)

So, isn’t that possible to just generate thumbnail without blend or obj files?
I hope my questions make sense (:

I use Windows 10 and Blender v2.79.5

Hi there!

Yeah I don’t really know a good solution for you :frowning: The add-on is pretty much discontinued and also it can’t be modified to work in the future Blender 2.80 even, there’s such fundamental changes made to it.

I wonder if there’s a script somewhere in the world to render out thumbnails from your .blends automatically but I can’t help much with that. One way could be to try to modify the thumbnailer Python code to be a script that you could apply to all of your .blends but that’s a whole different project and at least I wouldn’t have the skills to make it happen.

I still hope you could find a solution to your problem somehow :slight_smile:



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It really would be a pity this project to be abandoned. Anyway I’m sure that this addon has served as an incentive for other developers.

Thanks! I agree - maybe in the future there could be a chance that Blender has some other visual way that could be used to enable Asset Flinger again :slight_smile: We’ll see

Hy! During my analyse of insert methods i made a fork project from version 0.3 (*.obj / *.blend)

  • allows to use two different asset libraries
  • panel location, header buttons, menu, shortcuts and pathes are customizable

2.79 >