Asset/help fokker g1

Well as the title reads it is about the fokker g 1. I am looking for two things tips/help on how to make pretty low poly wings and rudders because of the fact that the rudders are square and the fusulage next to the cockpit are round. Contact me here or on my email [email protected]

Also I need help with the cockpit fusulage I just can’t make it the right form and I thereby would ask if someone could make a file of the cockpitfusulage (not the wing fusulages). Here are very detailed reference plans.


These assets are not going to be used for any money related projects, completely non profitable, Your name will be mentioned in the project file.bin and post. As you may have noticed because of the .bin file it is for a game. I just wanted to say that I want this asset because I want to fly with this thing nothing more.

Greetings Groppensanta,

[email protected]