Asset Library, My object icon shows up with Normal Map showing not Color material

I am saving an object with a material applied as an Asset. It shows up in the Asset library with the Normal map visible, not the Material’s color. When added to a new Blender project the model has the full material as it should. I’d love to see the color in the Asset Browser so I can easily identify it as I grow my library.

This is a known issue for Blender 3.0, I think it got solved with the release of 3.1. Did you download the latest version ?

Yes, I am running 3.1 on The latest Mac OS.

Ah too bad. I remember seeing this discussed in the past.

See Asset Browser Utilities : Batch Mark/Unmark, Export, Manage Tags - #16 by Hologram
and for relevant video.

So I think tldr : select the albedo / color texture in the shader editor instead of normal map

That did it! WOW. So simple yet very un-intuitive. Thank you very much!