Asset Management

HI Folks:

IM working on a large architectural Visualization project, and in the course of doing it will be developing a LOT of different asssets, Doors, windows, plants, lights, fixtures, knobs etc. Up till now, I have just been hiding the originals on a different layer, but that takes up memory etc, nor does it make it particularly easy to find things etc. so I put it to you, whats the best way to organize my assets. Using a separate .blend file has come to mind, and then just appending them from it to the main project, but again I dont know whats best. IM currently using 2.79 pending purchase of a new video card so I can use 2.8, so I’d like to hear suggestions for both platforms


Ive found the Chocofur Model Manager to be perfectly good on 2.79. Essentially you put each object in its own file with a little thumbnail render and it allows you to categorise/ search stuff.

There Simple Asset Manager too for 2.8.

Both these are free, but there are commercial plugins for this problem. Have a Google :slight_smile:

If you are using 2.79 then just have one blend file and use the outliner. By using a empty as a parent for all windows every window will be under that parent in the outliner. Using shift g you can select all children and unhide them. Select the asset hit ctrl C and then ctrl V to paste it to the file you are using.
You can also use groups to mangage assets and set the outliner to view all groups.

If your willing to spend a small bit of money, then Asset Management is the way to go.

Coming from Modo, Truespace, Poser, Daz Studio, Carrera, Bryce and others, I have been terribly missing a asset management system in blender.
This addon has met most of what i wanted in blender asset management for a long time.
I have seen bug fixes done as quickly as 4 hours after being reported, these guys are on the ball, customer orientated, product comes first, no BS.
2.8 updates are on the way…all updates have come with no charge.
I can not recommend anything else…BF has said that asset management is going to be another year+ to develop.

Just something to think about.

It does not seem to work well with non blend files