Asset Management

What are some asset management systems for artists?

are there any open source projects that do this?
is Fedora.
google digital asset management open source software. there’s also

I’ve heard about this Fedora before, must be useful. What exactly does it do?

I assume you read the site and it went whoosh, so here is my 2 minute take:

You take a photo. You email a copy to two friends. One of them crops it, and the other recolors it. He posts it on myspace and uses it to texture a wall hanging in a render that he posts for sale on iStock. Four people buy it, one of whom notices the neat wall hanging and wants to contact the original photographer, because it looks a lot like an image he would like to use in a movie…

DAM gives you some control and traceability over digital media, since it is so easily shared, modified and embedded. It’s sorta like CVS, but for media instead of software.

Cool, thx PapaSmurf! (and yeah, their site went whoosh very much :))