Asset Management

i just send to you a link to join the discord in mp, tell me if it’s ok.

Not my fault if you cannot connect to discord, check your computer, test with chrome or edge or on your smartphone!
I thought you was the same guy asking the same thing on the discord.

If we give support only on discord is for reason, if you don’t want to accept that and are disrespectful, the bad behavior is from you.
You could also have emailed us as many people do.

Also, yes, the addon is still in alpha, Pisti has a daily work, he cannot work on it all the time.
The current version is almost complete, you can use it without worry.

Did you try clicking on verify by phone? I mean no disrespect, but that´s the first question I would ask if I still worked in IT support :slight_smile:

Hi, I recently noticed that when saving an asset. The saved asset is not visible when the file is opened. I have hundreds that I have saved before and all these are editable. Is there anything I can do to save my assets and be able to edit them if needed.

I have noticed when someone or even myself add new assets into a folder, I cannot see the new files unless I close and restart blender. Is that right or am I doing something wrong ?

I also found some other “bugs” just now.

If you select multiple objects, and go to make a new kitbash part/file, it only seems to check the active objects render property. So I had some meshes not showing up in the final render thumbnail. Doesn’t seem like the Asset Browser Validation checks each object in a selection when you make the part?

Also I’ve had some assets not render properly, unless i reset Transforms. Maybe could have a warning or validation thing on that as well?

Loving the tool otherwise!

Quick question, is it possible to update the preview image after you edited an asset?

thanks for update,
I found problem today, If there in Asset are linked children objects,
than with this objects “use existing material” function doesnt work.


Hi, i have a small usability improvement request: Whenever you append an asset from asset management, the object is added in the ‘scene collection’, even when working inside of a collection. It would be nice if would be added in the currently active collection. Could this be implemented?

Is there an official’s release of asset management for b2.8 on It only have 2.22 for 2.79 in my email

Yes, just go where you bought it and download the last build.

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Hi Guys,

probably doing something wrong here, but I’m having trouble going into the IBL settings -


The environment shader seems correctly set up, it’s just the settings that wont show up in the N panel. Using the latest 2.4.9 from blendermarket.

Anyone any ideas?

PS - also, thank you Pitiwazou for all your hard work! By far the best asset manager I’ve seen across many packages.

Is this the default hotkey for dropping an asset into the scene? Or did I happen to change it somehow??

I was trying to use another tool, with that hotkey, to de-select faces, and suddenly my scene was locking up. Then i saw like 10 meshes appear, and realized it was something else going on/ saw this:


I have a feature request. It would be very usefull to have the option to ‘replace selected asset’. This allows you to quickly edit existing assets. To do this currently, you have to make a new asset and delete the old one, which is a bit cumbersome.

Just like @kakachiex2, I can’t get Asset Management for b2.8 either. Purchased Asset Management for 2.79 (version 2.22 is the latest) on Gumroad, but when I go to the new page, I can’t download anything unless I pay again.

Ask to pistiwique on our discord :wink:

Seems there is an update for Asset Management. I got 2.5.1 installed and wonder what kind of update it is. So I checked gumroad and I see there; WHAT’S NEW on the 2.2.2?

Then I went to Discord (which I really hate) and don’t see any info about the update and checked here and no info here as well. Not going to search for support: Need to find out what is my user id or username on discord, then need to find out if it’s pitiwazou or pitiwisque.
Well anyway, AM is working, and don’t have time, so I leave it like that.

2.2.2 is the older, 2.5.1 is the latest (Feb 2020), though I only discovered it because I was checking my gumroad in March.