Asset manager/library

So, i’ve read in the 2.8 Roadmap that there will be a Asset manager of sorts.

Does anyone know of a current build with this and how to activate it? Or perhaps there is a python/addon for this that can be installed?

A video on how this was implemented using a addon in 2.7x

Once you have your model you can use it in any blend files. And yes, I do know that this can be done by just appending or linkin from other files, but would be awesome to be able to create a asset library that can be used and accessible easily from any scene and .blend file.

The aim of the asset management project is to ease library management in blender by creating generic tools that every asset manager can use. Blender will be shipped with an addon (called Amber) that allow local library management. But the idea is that you can build your own asset manager, because it’s impossible to have a solution that fit all the needs.

This is something different, and this doesn’t use the new functionalities, but it’s a great addon.
The asset management system is still in development, I don’t think there are builds yet.

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Yes, I think I will end up using something like this:
once it’s ready for 2.8.
Thanks for the reply

Yes I think it’s totally worth it, given the fact that the asset manager project seems a bit on hold and it probably won’t get into 2.8, maybe 2.81… This addon is a great replacement until then.

Yesterday came first public beta of design connected “Connecter” asset management tool for blender. I highly recommend this free software its superior to any other asset manager I’ve ever seen, look at yourself!


This look really interesting with a good integration within blender. Sadly it’s windows only…