Asset Manager

Hi! I’m learning blender and really keen on getting an asset manager to have a preset based system which I am used to in other software.

Can someone please recommend the best stable software *(add-ons) paid or free that will allow me to manage materials, textures and preferably also animations and all node including animation node setups?



Hey, by software do you mean addon ?
If so there are a lot (well at least a few) addons, paid or free for that.
You can take a look on the Released Scripts and Themes section of the forum and search for asset manager.
To name a few, there is Simple Asset Manager, Asset Management ($), Asset Flinger (not sure it’s been ported for 2.8), KitOps (not really easy to use if you just want to quickly fill a library).
Some are “multi function”, as they can store models, materials, HDRI etc. I’m thinking of Asset Management by Pitiwazou, it’s around 20 or 30$ if i remember.
If you can’t pay you should try Simple Asset Manager, it looks to progress well.
If you want to store Bezier curve profiles, you can try my addon Curve Lib.

Normally, i don’t know how far they are in the developpement of it, but an asset manager should be included into blender in the next versions

Thanks - Simple Asset Manager doesn’t seem to be able to manage animations. is there anything that does that?

My primary interest is motion graphics and I simply want to build up node setups etc and be able to recall them like erm presets. The link and append route feels a little clunky.

@Darknoodles yes you’re right, thanks I meant add-ons.