Asset Wizard for Blender 2.8

(Botoni) #62


Unlimited sub-categories means unlimited number of single level subcategories or unlimited sub-subcategories?


  • objects
    • subcat. 1
    • subcat. 2

or Like:

  • objects
    • subcat 1
      • sub-subcat. 1
      • sub-subcat. 1
    • subcat. 2

Second case would be extra-extra awesome :star_struck:

Also, a feature which would be super-useful is to be able to instance collections rather than adding them directly o the scene, like blenders native linking option (with the option “instance collections” checked). It would save the extra steps of linking->selecting the collection in the outliner->instancing it to the scene->hiding the original collection. All this steps make it faster to still use the native option rather than the addon.

(hob-B1T) #63

Yes, I know, it’s on my TODO list, one of my next steps :wink:

(hob-B1T) #64

Unlimited in every direction, you can create sub/sub/sub/sub/… limit is the file system and usability :wink:

I will look in your instance request. Have experimented with this some weeks ago, but was not able to hide the original collection from render without hiding the instances too … but I will try to solve it :slight_smile:

(Ector3) #65

Thanks for all your hard work … I may be doing something wrong, but nothing happens when I press the “at cursor” button. If I press at cursor and then append I get an error if I append and then press at cursor nothing happens. Am I missing something?

(hob-B1T) #66

There seems to be a small API Change in one of the last Blender releases, will fix this today.

(hob-B1T) #67

You can pull v0.1.6 from GitHub … it solves several problems, including the at cursor problem.

(sirmaxim) #68

Was there something wrong with the node groups making curve/cavity masks? I mean, if you want to use a texture for that, convert the normal map to a curvature map and feed that to nodes and it’ll work just fine. You can do it in the compositor if you want to, but it’s best if your normal map starts as a larger than final resolution 32-bit full-float exr.

(Taholmes160) #69

If I put a material in the wrong category, how do I change it to the right one?


(Taholmes160) #70

Im trying to use the PBR generate function, what are the valid extensions? I keep getting an error about valid extensions?


(kabu) #71

Hello there
I get this error:

Modules Installed (object_asset_wizard) from '/Users/max/Developer/Content/Blender/addons/STAGE/blender280_addons/' into '/usr/local/Blender/blender-2.80.0-git20181204.1b6a394d862-x86_64/'
Exception in module register(): /usr/local/Blender/blender-2.80.0-git20181204.1b6a394d862-x86_64/
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/Blender/blender-2.80.0-git20181204.1b6a394d862-x86_64/", line 393, in enable
  File "/usr/local/Blender/blender-2.80.0-git20181204.1b6a394d862-x86_64/", line 151, in register
    dirs = categories(asset_type)
  File "/usr/local/Blender/blender-2.80.0-git20181204.1b6a394d862-x86_64/", line 33, in categories
    path = os.path.join(PreferencesPanel.get().root, asset_type)
  File "/usr/local/Blender/blender-2.80.0-git20181204.1b6a394d862-x86_64/", line 49, in get
    return bpy.context.preferences.addons[PreferencesPanel.bl_idname].preferences
AttributeError: '_RestrictContext' object has no attribute 'preferences'

I’m using 2.80 on mac os. I downloaded version 0.1.2 from the first post…

(hob-B1T) #72

Imho the curvature maps have better detail than what comes out of the node groups. Pointiness based are vertex based and so the mesh must be highres for good results.

(hob-B1T) #73

Sorry, currently no move functionality implemented …

From texture_mapper, the following extensions are supported yet … the base file name must end with these …

diffuse_ext = “basecolor,base_color,diffuse,diff,albedo,color,col”.split(",")

spec_ext = "specular,spec,spc".split(",")

rough_ext = "roughness,rough,rgh".split(",")

gloss_ext = "gloss,gls".split(",")

normal_ext = "normal,norm,nor,nrm".split(",")

metal_ext = "metallic,metal,met".split(",")

height_ext = "height,hgt".split(",")
(hob-B1T) #74

Please try 0.1.3, there is a possible fix regarding this. Please report back, thanks.

(Botoni) #75

It’s great to have unlimited collections!

One simple option I think would be really useful is to be able to select the levels of subcategories, at least with the current way of displaying them, because inside the last “subcategory folder” I have some other folders, like textures and other assets needed for the models, but which I don’t wanna see.

An image is better to explain the case:

All this “assets”, “maps”, “textures”, etc. folders at the end of the folder tree are needed for downloaded assets, other addons, and other sources, and would be really painful to pack everything in every model to be able to delete or move them. So, maybe an option to limit the number of subcategories shown would be useful for anybody in this situation.

I hope this is useful feedback :slight_smile:

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(kabu) #76

Hello there, I’ve tried all version, 1.4 included. The error persists…

(Taholmes160) #77

I am using and enjoying Asset Wizard for 2.8 very much, in general it works quite well for what I am doing. I am wondering a bit about the organization of assets etc as I work. As it falls right now I have a folder of image textures, which I utilize to create various materials, which then get saved in the asset folder, is that the appropriate way, or should I be set up different somehow?


(Taholmes160) #78

Good Morning – Just noticed a problem with Asset Wizard. there are times when an asset must, of necessity consist of parts that must remain separate – for example a door that has the door itself, a bounding box for cutting openings with and an empty to control the whole thing with, however, Asset wizard will not allow me to export the whole thing at once. Joining it all as one unit does not work, as the bounding box etc does not work like it should, the ideal would be to be able to export as a collection, but I havent been able to get that to work.



(Faba) #79

Your addon is already great but after having a look at your ToDo List I am even more excited about the things to come :sunny:

(hob-B1T) #80

Hi. A very specific request. I may consider to add a filtering feature like .gitignore files, maybe :slight_smile:

(hob-B1T) #81

Hmm, sorry, haven’t it tested on mac os yet and no idea about the reason. Just that these preferences always made some trouble in the past …