AssetLibraryTools: Free addon to speed up the creation of Blender 3.0 asset browser libraries


AssetLibraryTools is a free addon which aims to speed up the process of creating asset libraries with the asset browser, This addon is currently very much experimental as is the asset browser in blender.
This is my first proper blender addon so I’m sure there are parts of my code which should be changed, please do point them out to me if you decide to go through the code.

I hope you guys find this addon helpful :slight_smile:
If you have any issues or suggestions please leave a comment.


  • Batch import PBR materials from texture sets
    • Add real displacement to materials upon import
    • Add fake user to materials upon import
  • Batch import models of various filetypes (fbx, gltf, obj, x3d)
    • Hide imported models straight after import
  • Batch download CC0 assets from via a python script
    • Filter assets by: Keyword, Resolution + filetype (For textures), File extension
    • Unzip downloaded zip files automatically
    • Delete zip files after unzip automatically
    • Skip downloading files that already exist
  • Batch mark/unmark materials, meshes and objects as assets
  • Delete all materials
  • Delete all objects
  • Delete all textures
  • Delete all images
  • Enable real displacement for cycles on all materials
  • And more to come


Known issues as of 25th July 2021

  • The asset browser eats up LOTS of memory generating more than a couple dozen or so material previews for textures which are 4K or above (I’ve seen a bug report of a potential memory leak). This isn’t an issue with the AssetLibraryTools code itself, but I’m putting it here since it does limit the ability to mark all materials as assets easily.
  • Undoing “delete all (x)” operations doesn’t always work as expected or at all

Update v0.1.1:

  • Added support for running from blender via gnome-terminal as well as cmd.
  • Made some minor code improvements to and

Asset browser memory usage problem:

See for some info about the high memory usage I mentioned in the main post. Hopefully the memory usage from thumbnail generation wont be so high some time soon.

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Update v0.1.2

  • Added new utility operators:
    • OT_DeleteAllTextures
    • OT_DeleteAllImages
    • OT_UseDisplacementOnAll (Enables real displacement in cycles on all materials)
  • Made all import_(x) values true by default