Assets needed for Project Australia

Hello everyone,

As you can tell from the title, we at Project Australia are in need for some assets. Such assets include road signs, buildings and houses, trees and various other scenery you would see around Australia. We will then be converting these models into the game of Euro Truck Simulator and/or American Truck Simulator. We would like you to have prior knowledge of how to use the SCS conversion tools, but it isn’t necessary. You could always have a look around and many tutorials found on Youtube if interested in learning. Your work would be highly appreciated, and of course acknowledged and credited for your work. If interested in helping out and/or would like more details… send me a message :slight_smile:

I never tried SCS, but Euro Truck Simulator and Australia are two thing I love very much :yes:

Do you think if I model some assets as .blend files someone else could oversee the conversion? I’d love to make at least a traffic sign!

I would love to help as I love Etc and Ats. Even if it’s just a simple things it would be amazing to be involved. I have no experience with the conversion tool but again, I am sure someone else could do that.


@dwerneck and JDCustard,

Glad to see you are both very big fans of the game! So what you’re saying is, that you can model but can not convert? If that’s the case, that should be fine. I do have a link to a few videos that may help in that case, but it’s up to you guys if you are willing to give converting a go. Send me a private message both of you, letting me know what you would be interested in helping in and what exactly you are capable of :slight_smile:

I will help! I’m a beginner but i need to hone my skills so this will help :slight_smile:

I have just made this quickly. Is this like something that you would be after?

@makeosaurus, most certainly! That is exactly the sort of thing that we are after. Send me a pm :slight_smile:

@dwerneck and JWCustard, sounds good to me. Am I correct in saying you both who know to model, but simply can’t convert? I do have a few videos if you’re interested in learning. Send me a pm with more info :slight_smile:

cool i like to be involve in some project ,but i am not sure if there is still some open place for me :slight_smile:
i am a modeler and you can see that on my DA page in my signature
the thing is that i can,t be online everyday , i only can be 2 day a week ,and that,s my only problem

@alf0, there is always places available! The more we have the better, send me a private message letting me know exactly what you can do for us :slight_smile:

For all of those interested in helping us out, please send me an email: [email protected]