Assets rendering offset... wheels on a gokart

Anyone have any idea as to why the wheels on my gokart are rendered offset from the car’s frame, in game? I can tell this is some mistake on my part but I cant figure it out. Any help would be appreciated. Screenshot and Blend (see layer 2) attached. (CC-0)

Most appreciated!


Such things are usually because of scaling.

There is no logic in the file. The model is fine. I blame the logic you assigned (but not included into the .blend).

I noticed some modifiers making it look strange. But this is not the cause.

Thanks Monster! :slight_smile:

If scaling can cause this, than I think that is the issue as I seriously scaled things again and again to get it to size relative to another vehicle model. Any thoughts on how you would go about trying to correct the issue? Would recreating the wheels help any?

Thanks again!

Apply the scale on all parent objects. This way they get a scale of (1.0,1.0,1.0). This usaully fixes it.

BUT: I said without the logic I can’t tell what the problem is. Are you using vehicle wrapper code?