Assign 2nd material to 2nd particle system?

I’m learning Jahka’s new particle patch. Now you can have multiple particle systems form one emitter - very cool. What I can’t figure out is how to assign a new material to the 2nd particle system. Under the third tab, Render, there is a field “material” that looks like it should do it. How does one make this work?

If you go into edit buttons, you’ll see the 1 Mat 1 there in Link and Materials. That’s 1 out of 1 materials for the object. Hit New to make it 2 Mat 2 then go into the material buttons. You’ll see the number 2 next to the MA: field, that means 2 material indexes share this same material. Click on the 2 there and make it single user and the MA name adds a .001 and you can change that name. Now where it says 2 Mat 2 there in materials, you can click on that to toggle between the 2 and make changes and stuff.

So now that Material in the particles picks between these two materials.

Hope this helps.

That makes sense. For some reason I was thinking the particle system would have it’s own version. But why not take it from the emitter mesh?