Assign a material to many objects at once?


is there a possibility to assign materials to more than one object at one? If I select some objects and then chose a material, only the last selected object gets the new material.



A single material can be assigned to as many objects as you want. Once a material created, select an object (such as a mesh), go to the Material buttons (F5), click the - button in the button header to display all available materials and click the one you want or click Add New. If you are using Blender 2.25 you may have to click and hold to keep the materials displayed (somewhat annoying…anyone else see this?).
Hope this helps.

Hmm, this does not work for me. Maybe my question was not clear enough. Or there are differences between 2.23 and 2.25

I have (for example) 100 objects (cubes, spheres, whatever). All of them shall get a material - lets say “red”.

Now it seems I have to perform the steps you described for every single cube. -> 100 times selecting an object and then choosing a material.

I would like to select ALL cubes, then select the material from the list and be done. But this only effects the cube I selected as last one (the one which is in brighter purple than the rest).


Yes, I did misunderstand. I guess the answer is no…At least not that I could figure out.

Make your material, give it to one object.
Select all the other 99 objects and select your “materialobject” last,
klick Ctrl-L.
A window pops up, select Materials.

This vill link your material to all selected objects.

Forum Newbie, my A**!!

Great answer! Didn’t know that trick. :slight_smile:

I’ve never used this hotkey, but I’ve heard it can be buggy. Word to the wise: save early and save often. :wink:

Big Thanks!! That will save me lots of work!! :smiley: