assign a weight to a vertex group numerically?

(solved already as in Edit2 note)

Blender 2.54
Having defined a few vertex groups, is it possible to assign uniform weights to them numerically, i.e. without entering weight paint mode?


I have an object with 10 vertex groups named group1, group2, … group10. I also created 2 bones named bone1 and bone2. After parenting the object to the armature, there are also automatically created additional vertex groups bone1 and bone2 (so there are 12 altogether).

I have assigned vertices in groups 1-4 to bone1 group and vertices in groups 5-10 to bone2 group.

What I would like to achieve now is to select vertex group group1 (which contains vertices from bone1) and assign weight 0.3 to all those vertices numerically, without entering weight painting mode. Is it possible to do?(and so on, different uniform weights to different groups)

Edit: There is an option in Properties Panel below the Vertex Groups to assign a weight to a vertex group, but it doesn’d seem to work. e.g. although I assigned weight 0.3 to all vertex groups, they still appear as blue in Weight Paint mode, i.e. numerical weight assignment did not do the same as painting.

Edit2: I just noticed the “Copy this group weight to other selected verts” option in the “n” panel - that’s the thing that was missing. So cancel this post please.

Aw, don’t cancel posts when you solve your own problems, they could be our problems you are providing an answer to. In fact, I was mulling this problem over myself not too long ago.