Assign Area to Variable

Hello there Forum!

So i am a complete newbie to Blender and 3D in general. I am learning to program to create an Multiplayer Online Board-Game. The game is based on a map and ideally i’d like to offer a 3D interface so the user can move around the virtual game-board and zoom in and out. This should be browser based.

The question comes down to this: if i re-create my map in Blender (which i yet need to figure out how to do) then can i assign areas to variables? An can i use these variables while programming to link the database (SQL) to the map? I’m thinking about using PHP as a server-side script, will that be able to handle such variables? Do i need to use some other server-side scripting language instead? I saw there are Python plugins for instance.

If you guys could help me out a bit, it would be great! It’s all new to me, i’m coping as best as i can. Also i am looking for people to make a team.


First off, welcome to the forum.

Secondly, support questions such as this should go into one of the support forums.

Finally, you can do what you want with a little python scripting.

You might want to start out learning how to do simple stuff before going for the Multiplayer Online Board-Game as your first project especially if you want to try to put together a team because people will just flame you if you do one of those threads asking for help with nothing to show you’re serious about the project.

Ha i see, i missed the game engine and support section, i had to scroll down to see them.

Well in my eyes it is simple. Also i am a student in culture, history and heritage, i’m not into programming, game or web design by profession. I have already made the game as a board-game prototype and i want to learn to publish it online. Things are going slow because i unfortunately have too little time to dedicate to learning everything from scratches. So i understand what you are telling me but i still go for what i planned and work on since few years, even though no one’s willing to team up with me. :slight_smile:

I’ll look into the forum and perahps re-post my question somewhere else, thanks for the help so far.