"Assign automatic from bones" not working 2

Sorry I spoke too soon. I started another thread so that I could attach a file.

select mesh, under “vertex groups” “Delete all Groups”

click on the deformation bones select all of them with a. click on the mesh. click on Weights menu item. Under Weights click on “Assign automatic from bones”

“Vertex Groups” is populated with all the bones but there are no weights, looking at the mesh in weight paint mode.

Now if delete everything so that I have only the meta rig and mesh and start over but at the point where I parent the mesh to the rig and select “Assign weights automatically” from the CTRL P drop down, it works, I get weights and everything.

So why don’t I just do it that way? I want to use Transfer weights to rig the skirt, hair etc and “transfer weights” doesn’t work either. I assume it’s the same problem.

I’m new to blenderartists and this type of rigging. I’ve rigged in the past but only simple things, nothing with fingers for example.

I’m following this tutorial


anime.F.13.blend (2.61 MB)

Here is what I did:
Separate the shirt and the skirt from the main model (renamed each for clarity)
Delete all the vertex groups from the skirt.
Delete the Armature modifier.
Select the Skirt, add modifier > Data Transfer.

  • Source Object = Girl
  • Check: Vertex Data, Select Vertex Group(s) button
  • Click “Generate Data Layers” button
  • Apply the modifier
    Add an Armature Modifier and point it to the rig.

Repeat the above for the shirt.

You may still have some weight issues, and maybe some geometry things to iron out, but this will get you started.


anime.F.13.blend (2.89 MB)