assign ipo to multiple objects

i need to assign the same ipo to about 3600 different object. what possibilities do i have?
is there an existing script that does it? or any other way to do that really fast?

Edit: I solved the problem with a rotation constraint. every object has got the constraint pointing to an empty, that empty is being animated.
BUT: objects are being scaled while rotated. i can’t figure out why, have i found a bug?
Could somebody please test that?

okay, for better understanding, i think its necessary to provide the .blend file. unfortunately this is not possible in this forum. WHY?

Okay, another try

The right picture is the setup: the rotating objects are linked to the rotators through a rotation constraint. the rotators are parented to the main object. as soon as i rotate the main object, the rotation of the rotating object doesn’t match any more, and it seems as if they are getting smaller too. That effect is much too strong as it could be caused by the perspective shift, its a real scale.


You can create links to IPOs. Shift-select all the objects that need to inherit the IPO, then Shift-select the object that has the desired IPOs. Ctrl-L->Make Links to Object IPOs. Be aware that if you have set Loc IPOs on the original object, everything will jump that object’s location.

Okay, that works, thank you

But nonetheless i don’t understand why my setup with the rotation constraint didn’t work. Somebody able to help me?

I just tested it and had the same problem. Then I applied loc-rot-scale to my object and it worked. I placed the cube in my default scene from the wrong view, so now every time I do something I need to remember to ctrl-a! Seems to have been a good thing in this case :slight_smile:

Anyway here is a mini-tut on a quick way to set this up:

  1. select all your objects and ctrl-a>apply transforms.
  2. create an empty (ctrl-a this too if you didn’t add it in top view)
  3. go to the object buttons with the empty selected - hover over the Ob name and hit Ctrl-c
  4. select one of your rotate objects, add a copy rot constraint (you should still be in the object buttons), hover over the Ob entry widget and press Ctrl-v
  5. select all the other rotate objects BUT make sure the last selected is the one with the constraint
  6. hit Ctrl-c in the 3d view and choose copy object constraint

Optionally you can toggle rotation axis on step 4!

thank you, kitsu
that ctrl-a thing works, even if i don’t understand why. i think this is important to anyone using the rot constraint, because if you did the whole modeling and parenting and so on before you do apply rotation you have to correct a lot of rotations afterwards.
is anybody doing a description of the rotation constraint for the blenderwiki? i think this should be mentioned there, what do you think?