Assign WoW Textures


I modified a creature using blender. I got the model, changed his head with a head from another creature (wich i imported in 3ds format). Then i joined this new head with the rest of the body to form one single object, and assigned the bones of the head to the new head and everything worked nice (dont sure if it was necessary to merge the new head with the body in order to assign the bones of the head… but i did it that way).

Problem is, that the new head use the textures of the entire creature, and of course, the new head looks awfull with those textures. Plus, the UV Coords of the new head are different that the original one.

Now, i can modifiy the texture adding the image of the desired head with PS, and then modify the UV Coords to match this image… but is a tedious job… and besides the texture of the new head has more resolution that the original one.

So, i want to take all the faces of the head and assign them a link to a new texture file… problem is that i dont know how to do that. As some people that knows the structure of WoW Models, the models are m2 files and their textures are blp files, linked to this ones. What i mean to say, is that i want to link new blp files to the m2.

If you people know how to do this, please telll me! Dont sure if i can do it on blender of i need another program.