Assigned UV Texture to model without it being in a material?

I have managed to open an image in the UV editor and assign it to faces in my mesh, but I have no materials that use the image.

How is this possible?

My UV editor seems stuck now too, I have 4 images loaded in, and can only switch between the one that isn’t in use and the last render.

Edit: Oh, I’m using 2.49.

Did you create material for mesh with image as texture?
Blender doesn’t do it automatically.

Yeah I did that. It seems to happen when I UV map using the image assigned to the material, then I change my mind on what image I’m using for the material. I currently trying to figure out the process needed to texture objects in blender, so I’m messing around changing materials, and this seems to be something I get stuck on often. This time the image I was using stays applied in the model in the 3D view, but I was able to change the image in the UV window, but the 3D view never updated (though a render showed the correct texture).

I really like blender so far, so I’m persisting in trying to figure out what I’m doing!

I added a vertex channel to the mesh, made a material, set TexFace on in Material, F6 added a texture, set to image, loaded image, F5 added the texture to the material, mapped input to UV. It all seems to work quite well until I start changing images on materials, or using images in the UV window that aren’t part of my materials (or even in the F6 texture list).

If you switch image in UV editor you should do that in objects texture panel too, since it is not automatic process.
Image in UV map editor and in material>texture channel are independent things.
Texture image is what you see on render and in 3d viewport ( including GE) when in GLSL mode.
UV image you see in UV editor and 3d viewport ( including GE) when in TextureFace or
BlenderMultitexture mode , mostly used in Game Engine. Modes changing under Game menu.
So you can have different images but only this one from material>texture is rendered.

It is because you can have multiple UV maps ( layout ) and multiple textures based on these maps applied to one mesh.

Don’t give up , Blender is really worth to learn even though sometimes we can’t master it at once.

My little mistake : to see texture in BlenderMultitexture mode while game is running Material>Texture image should be set.

Thanks Jawra, that’s pretty much what I thought was happening, I just needed to confirm it.

I gave up on blender once before, and I’m so glad I gave it another try, I’m really liking it and I don’t plan to give up on it this time!

A full bunch of good stuff :wink:

Awesome, thanks!