Assigning a value to a property?


How do I get an assign-actuator to assign a value from the Transform Properties to a property?
(asuming these values keep up to date)


You mean Mesh Transformation Data?

If that’s the case then you can’t, since the Game Logic module doesn’t have a function that can return each individual vertex. You can get the position and orientation of an “object”, but I think that’s about it.

To Mico27:
thanks for the URL.

To Social:
I indeed want a whole object’s RotX-orientation into a property.
sensor Always -> And -> Actuator-Property - Assign - Prop - Value (RotX doensn’t work)

Where am I messing up?

you can only had numerical value in the propertylogic brick (exept for True and False) you gonna need a python script for that like :

get controller

controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()

get object the controller is attached to

owner = controller.getOwner()

get object orientation to match world orientation

orientOwner = owner.getOrientation()

I see, Mico.
Thank you.