Assigning Bone Heat Weights Produces Strange Results


I’ve been using blender for a wee short while now, and thus far I love it. However, a slight problem has presented itself.

When assigning deformation weights from bone heat by parenting the mesh to the armature (as I have successfully done with several other models!), I get this result. As you can see in the attached image, the head bone is selected, and the weights assigned are completely foobar:ed! I assume that I’ve managed to flip some setting or other, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what, or how to fix it. What have I done wrong here? The mesh deforms like some hellspawn from a dimension that god forgot.

Very grateful for any and all replies. I’ve attached the .blend file in case anyone wants to have a look at it. Apologies if this thread went in the wrong subforum.

Peace, love and understanding.

(Using 2.49b on a windows machine, if it matters.)


yetagain.blend (428 KB)

Ah, found it! It seems I’d managed to flip the normals. Recalculating normals outside fixed the issue. Thanks! :smiley: