Assigning color to selected faces.


I have a very basic model (actually it is a model of Duke, the Java mascotte) and I just want to color its nose.

I am now following the instructions at

But cannot get this to work. Also my problem is much simpler. I am at the stage where I have selected all faces in edit mode that I want to color and I also have a UV editor open (although I will probably not need it for just adding basic color).

Now how do I link a simple color to a set of selected faces and keep all other face colors the same?


I found a tutorial on the internet showing how to do it:

And that worked.

The result is at:


I’ve made a tut on there here as well:

thanks fro sharing the information…

I have a follow-up question on this. Suppose I have created different meshes and assigned colors to them. Later in the process I am joining these meshes using the ‘union’ boolean tool.

In my specific case the different parts are connected, like in

Now, after joining them I would like to change colors of the individual parts or change modifiers of these parts. What is the best approach for doing this? Should I use a simple join instead of a union and then unjoin to change colors and join back again afterwards? What is the best approach?

I think I found the solution. I can create an empty and make all objecs children of the empty.

Another way is to select a part of a grid and select L followed by P.

The main part of the learning curve in blender here in learning to apply the tools/concepts the right way.