Assigning colors to masks from the mask operator

Is there a way to give a mask or groups of masks a color in the mask editor? I want to create a g-buffer builder effect on a still image by painting grey scale mask colors for near and far objects in the picture. Autodesk combustion allowed you to do this. Having this feature will allow you to applied fog, mist, smoke, etc. effects to a still image without the leaving the program.

The image below is an example from autodesk combustion’s g-buffer builder before audodesk discontinued it.

You can certainly create as many masks as you need to recreate a z depth pass (what you call g buffer), and very easily just animate their opacity in either the mask options or in the compositor.

As for assigning colors to the mask splines, doesn’t look like that’s possible. (yet)

i have done the masks in the compositor but it is far to time consuming and too many nodes. Just changing the opacity limits the z-blur effect if needed soften edges of the mask splines.

ivwill wait until the feature become available.

Browneditor, if you need to change the color of the mask just multiply the bw mask with the color of interest using a mix node set to multiply with a factor of 1.