Assigning lights to specific collections

Now that we have moved to 2.80, what happened to the ability to assign lights to objects in a specific layer and only that layer? Previously this was achieved by simply checking a box that said “ this layer only ”.

Is there an equivalent when wanting to light objects in a collection and that collection only?

I have the same question. in vray it is possible to render a single layer with the lightning information from one (or two or more) lamps. in this case you have the option to adjust this one (or two or more…) lamp seperatly. you can make it brighter or darker, softer or colorize it and so on.
iam asking me, if its possible to do the same in blender 2.8. i tried to add one lamp in view layer 01 and an other lamp in view layer 02. then i tried to render the two view layer. so this is not working :smiley:
but maybe this can answer your question:
or this: