assigning materials

I’m trying to do the lightsaber/halo tutorial, but have come up against a problem.

Basically I don’t know how to assign a new material. The lightsaber blade is made up of two row of verts. You apply a white material to one and a coloured halo to the other.

Trouble is, when i make the second material, it automatically assigns to both rows of verts. i have gone over it and made the second row from a completely seperate plane, to be sure they are different objects.

Is there some kind of ‘assign this material to selected object button’ that I’m missing?
How can i differentiate and assign the materials please?

any thoughts appreciated,

ok, I am really stuck with this.
It look like everything is ok, different areas of my mesh are assigned different vertex groups, and I can select and deselect them with the buttons in the link and materials panel.
In the viewport, they show up as difernt colours, but in the render window they are the same (seen on right of screenshot)

can anyone help pls?

Look here:

thanks! :slight_smile: