Assigning no color to a material on a mesh

Is it possible to assign a mesh a material, but no color to it? I need a Material as it is set to gltF Double Sided there.
My 3D Objects shoul be imported into Cesium and get a color assigned here. But with all the colors that I associate with the object in Blender, they are mixed with the color from Cesium, which of course does not correspond to the chosen colors there. The colors are set by RGB in Cesium and it looks like, that this process does not removes the color of the object itself.

Strange concept… a material with no colour. How should it be on screen? How should it render?

Can you simply delete all nodes including the output in the node tree?

I have to do this, because CesiumJS seems to mix the colors of the glTF object and the color defined by CesiumJS. This results in a wrong appearance in colors of the objects.

I’m guessing a little without knowing what “the color from Cesium” is, but typically in glTF the final color is the linear product of vertexColor * baseColor * baseColorTexture. If Cesium is adding a texture, for example, then you can simply set your base color to #FFFFFF and the product (i.e. multiply by 1) should match what Cesium provides.