Assigning two action to one hotkey

is there any way to assigning two action to one keyboard shortcut? I want to make, firstly stop animation and go to first frame, than play animation, by pressing one keyboard shortcut, is it possible?

Yeah- just… do it :slight_smile: you can set any command to any key in the Preferences keymap, you can set every command to the same key if you really want

I ve assigned"jump to first frame" and “play animation” to enter but it doesnt play, just go to first frame. is it possible to changing action codes?

I ve done by assigning “jump to first frame” press, “play animation” release. I would also like to know if there is another way to do this.

That’s probably the easiest way. Me personally, I would use an Arduino Leonardo loaded with the HID library as an external button panel- just way cheaper than the super expensive brand name ones. I have a Blender controller I made that chains a bunch of commands into one

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