Assigning UV to wall with door in the middle


I am modelling the interior of a castle. I have no idea how to set UV coordinates correctly for the wall in the attached screenshot. I have a feeling this is going to be difficult… :slight_smile:

I have tried both LSCB unwrapping (with seams) and cube projection. The attached picture shows the result with cube projection. Almost, but not quite. :slight_smile:

LSCB, on the other hand, places each piece of the unwrapped mesh at a different angle over the texture. I suppose I could use pinning and rotate each unwrapped piece manually, aligning them to the texture, but it would be a lot of work… compared to how easily I can map a simple wall.

I guess I need a clue from an expert here. :stuck_out_tongue: What do you suggest?

Thanks a lot!



While not an expert, I do subcribe to a bulletin board full of them:D

Not all faces of a mesh need be worked on at the same time. You could select the flat wall surfaces, then map them to your liking, then select the inside faces of the door, unwrap them separately and work with them.

As for exactly how, here is a method I have used.

  1. Select the inside faces of the right side of the door
  2. Change to an orthographic view so that you will be looking square to the faces.
  3. Press the U key…then select project from view
  4. In the UV editor, select all, then move g (for grab) then x or y to restrict movement along one axis, and move the uvs out of the way.

Repeat this for the left side of the door, then the top arc. Each time selecting the faces, then changing the view to lok directly at the selected faces.

When you have finished, select all of the faces that make up the inside of the door, and align them in the uv editor. Now select an image, even the same one used for the wall, and move, scale etc to get the bricks positioned the way that you like.

If you use this method, it helps if the zoom is the same, or at least very close. Otherwise you will have a bit more work to do in resizing each group when you bring them all together.

Best of Luck!!

Thank you so much! I was able to map the whole wall very quickly with Project From View. :slight_smile: I did not realize that was the right tool to use.

Only one question: how do I make my view exactly perpendicular to my wall? The walls are not axis-aligned and, with the middle mouse button, I could face the wall only approximately.

Thanks again!

Approximate may be good enough in this case.

Just a thought, do you have a seam marked for the door?

All right. :slight_smile:

Just a thought, do you have a seam marked for the door?
I did create seams, when I didn’t know about Project From View. Why?



Just a blast from my past, not having used them when I clearly should have.