Assigning Vertices

Good morning… am trying to learn Blender… working with 2.70 version… I have a book “Complete Guide to Blender Graphics” and have been doing the exercises in it as I read… have one exercise I’ve tried about 6 times and cannot get it to work and not sure if I’m missing something or the author missed something in writing it…
It is Manually assigning vertices … I was to make a finger… then beside the finger was to add armature of two bones… select the vertices at top of the finger and assign to a Vertex group. the movement of the group to be controlled by a bone in the armature… the armature is Bone and Bone.001 I was to name the vertex group, bone.001 I assigned my vertices to the group… I then was to add an armature modifier to the finger and in the Object box, select Armature… select the bone.001 and go to pose mode… then rotate bone.001 and it was supposed to move the fingertip… does not work… I have redone the steps and redone and still the bone.001 does not move the vertex group bone.001
What am I doing wrong… or has the author left something out I should have done…


The name of the vertex groups must match the bone’s name exactly, including case. Rename your vertex groups Bone and Bone.001 , not bone and bone.001

Okay… thanks… Maybe that is what I did wrong… back to it to see if I can make it work. thanks for your reply… have a good day… enjoy your Saturday

Okay… thank you … that is where I messed up… I didn’t have the name exact with case and all… just did and it worked… appreciate your reply