Assistance on low poly modeling

Hi, i’m actually working on a project by myself, and i’m not really good with 3d for now,i’m looking for someone who can make few models for me (that i choose) and then explain me (with a video or by talking) how he did it. My project is in low poly so it’s not that hard. I can pay, not alot but help will be appreciated.
I’m looking for this kind of low poly (made by me):
So i just want some help to get started with the kind of models i want, i know the basics of blender as you can see, but i have some problems with it and i’m looking for a little help!

What kind of models do you want?

I can do such models. I am not as experienced with characters, but I can do them as well. I will not charge much, depending on the size. By the looks of the picture above, a model like that with instructional video would cost $10. That would also involve some lighting and rendering instruction with material setup. (so then they aren’t just grey)

I’m looking to learn how to do this kind of models:…kefco1_500.gif First one, the character…racing__6_.jpg Secondly, the kart…eam-racing.png and finally, few basics of map modelling