Assistance request on material animation

Hi guy’s, i just grab that fantastic free material from a blender community member but when i apply it to another object like a sphere the animation does not work. It is a material too complex for me to understand how i can make it work on other object than a plane.

Any help would be appreciated on how to make it work on a sphere or any other custom models, the file is included .

here :
Matrix.blend (1.2 MB)

It looks like you copied and pasted the nodes from one material to the other.
It does not animate because the driver has not been pasted (only its value).
To fix you have to type " #frame " into the node labeled time on the bottom left of the node tree.
This will give it a driver that outputs the frame number, (and the number will turn pink)

Edit: Instead of creating a new material for the sphere and pasting the nodes of the “Matrix material” into it, you should have simply chosen the “Matrix material” in the spheres material dialogue. That way the driver would have still been there.

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Hey thank a lot my friend this work like a charm and i would have search for hours without your help!