Assistance required in converting old Flash cartoon to Blender 3D!

Hello BlenderArtists!

I am embarking on the big project ofconverting my old Flash cartoon ‘Symbiob’ into 3D using Blender, andhave thrown myself into Blender just under 1 year now, having comefrom a 2D illustration/animation background.

I have already started on ‘SymbiobMountains: Bish & the Shus’ (more images the WIP forum),and also have the characters 'Klax & the Glydoos (from the Forestof Symbiob) modelled and rigged.

So far it is taking me AGES to do bymyself and realise that to get it anywhere near done within the next100years, I will need assistance. I am merely a lone guy, not acompany, so will have very limited funds, but at the same time do notexpect anything to be done for free. So if anyone would enjoy workingon colourful, fun, universe of quirky monsters, please register yourinterest and point me to samples of your work and we can discussrates of pay!

Here is the synopsis:

Symbiob is a strange, wonderful eco-system, where all creatures and plants have evolved
to help each other in order to live happy lives; a world where working together proves more successful
than predation or aggression, resulting in some strange, colourful, humourous characters and relationships.

I’ve seen the Symbiob flash and I have to admit that I like it a lot!
You deserve to be helped, but I wonder how you intend to serve the content? will be a series of video? webgl? what are you trying to accomplish?

I have sent you a private message.

Hi there Elaser,

Thanks for the compliment. At the moment I have an idea for a kind of semi-interactive cartoon using Flash to connect videos together and making some background things clickable allowing the viewer to find out more about the Symbiob landscapes.