Hey, I’m new to the fourms, and know some info about blender, but can someone help me find a clue on what to do here?
i’m trying to join them into a body, but i’m stumped on how to start. Assistance please?

Hi new member!

In Blender if you want to join two object into one, just Shift + select both objects and hit hot key Ctrl + J.

There is potentially a problem of terminology here. To join objects does not necessarily mean to make them all one solid mesh. Ctrl-J may only be the first step, depending on what you actually want.

So, KofL, what is it you want to do? You seem to have one complete pony, and a set of legs for another. Ridix tells how to make two objects into a single object, if that is the problem. But it isn’t clear from the screen shot that is the problem. Is the complete pony a separate object?

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He wants to make them into one mesh.

So step 1:

select both objects and press CRATL + J

step 2:
go into edit mode and mesh model the two mesh parts together


move the legs under the body
select the body object
add modifier boolean
in boolean modifier select union
select the leg object through the object input field

apply the modifier