Assisted Living Facility

Here are a couple of my latest renderings.

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Hi asmithey,
Iā€™m glad to see that you solved the shadow issue someway, compliments for your work!

I have to say that the sun light on the second image looks a bit too soft, as it could be on a cloudy day.
Cycles is not Maxwell :rolleyes:


Yes. I did use a partly cloudy HDRI on both images. This is how I achieved the softer less opaque shadows. So the sunlight intensity is a bit softer. But the client did not want a cloudy sky in the rendering. So, it is the way it is.

And yes, lighting a scene with Cycles takes a little more effort than with Maxwell. But man, I rendered these scenes in just over an hour each. I do like that.


The result is fine indeed!
But personally I would investigate further on materials, or whatever, to find the culprit of that disparity on shadows that you suffered of.