Assorted Animation Features Build


I’ve just uploaded a build on that has many new animation-related features that I’ve been developing for blender. Go to:
to download the build.

Additions include:

  • NLA Editor: reversed actions -> done
  • NLA Editor: strip muting -> done
  • Action Editor: Transform (more like Options) Panel -> skeleton done
  • Long Keyframe/blocks -> partially done
  • Action Channel Locking -> done
  • Select All Keys In Same Frame As Selected -> done
  • BlendFromShape Menu: multiple column drawing -> done
  • Bone drawing: custom colours -> done
  • Bone drawing: custom bones all on/off -> done


I must have 7 different versions of Blender and here’s another. I can hardly keep up. Isn’t it wonderful?

Just today I was doing some keyframing and thought, damn, it sure would save some hassle if I could auto-select all the keys in a frame. Then I see this on my very next click here. This is freakin me out, man! Open-source Coders Rule!

This will keep me busy for awhile, and oh look channel locks too. This is some powerful stuff. Thanks a googolplex!