Assorted papers to download

- Pixar siggraph coursenotes

High-Quality Rendering Using Ray Tracing and Photon Mapping

Anyone Can Cook – Inside Ratatouille’s Kitchen

- CG Chosen | Environments magazine No.5

downloading all of them, except the firewoman one…im not in the mood 4 registration.
thanks, nice collection alvaro.

the Bioshock game art book is friggin awesome. Also the first Pixar paper makes an interesting and easy reading (at least some parts) about Raytracing and GI questions.

Thanks for the cool finds, Alvaro! I didn’t know about that website. :slight_smile:

Also downloaded all except the last one.

Whee, another CGChosen for my collection. Exceptional works and info in it, as usual. I advise anyone looking for inspiration to get all of them.

Thanks for posting these!