ASTA-LA-VISTA FeLLaSs ( now with file) high res


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Very cool. Highly stylized and outright fun. You have outdone yourself.

Wow, you’re simply incredible! I have no other words for it…:slight_smile:

nice work draguu… keep goin… loved the colors… :slight_smile:


you did it again Draguu. good luck. awesome image once again.

Outstanding work! You have a great style!

Hehe, great work! i loved it!

Now that’s a great work draguu, I really like it! Perhaps the policman character is a bit off but in general it’s a marvelous piece! 5* from me!

PS I also think that the bloom effect (glare) is too strong.

thanks guys … @rozmiarek thanks man i want audience not to focus on policeman thts why its bit dull … but its just my view man … i m glad that you guys like it much … thanks again guys

Great image, cool models with lots of character!

Ahah, you did it again! This is not my favorite of your work but nice done again :smiley: (the main character is excellent though) !

thanks guys … I dint win ths competition … I was just expactin me in top 3 bt anyway … Lets go ahead … Nd wait for the files … Il realese it soon

never mind… better luck next time… you never disappoint anyone… your art always rocks :yes:


Very awesome composition and style! Perfect wallpaper size too!

Very cool and colourful image. Loving the cop sticking out of his car but his eyes don’t seem to be looking at the dude.

here is the link to this file … good job draguu

thanks buddy … hope you guys like the stuff

Dragonex, thanks for the amazing file!

Looks absolutely great, but I think the money sack’s too loosely made, almost knitted together. Also, I think the robber should be looking backward instead of away. Otherwise, the scene looks great!

Brilliantly done dragu.
here comes the 5 stars.