Astatic microphone for radio scene

I built this a long time ago in Lightwave 3D. I decided to bring it into Blender and fix it up, and improve it.
Lightwave’s surfacing was way different back then, no UVs, no PBR materials, so none of my surfaces translated at all. I had to redo everything. I’d like to recreate that finish on the microphone using procedurals.

I ran into some strange weirdness here. I unwrapped this part, and the UVs looked fine to me, but I wasn’t getting expected results. I had to remodel this part. I made a new cylinder, the UVs looked exactly the same, but worked correctly. I can’t understand what caused this, but I hope it’s not a problem with importing Lightwave objects, because I have more I’d like to convert to Blender.

Here’s some reference photos of the real thing.

I think I’m going to model more detail in that I had done with texture maps before. The ribs on the face aren’t actually joined together.

I want to create a scene with a radio and some headphones and morse code keyer.