Asteroid Animations

Just 2 asteroid animations I made in the past few months.

Ah let that music soak in! :slight_smile:

I love everything space and those are some great asteroids. I think I enjoyed the second one a bit more, but showing your process in the first one was pretty cool.

Um, 5 second animation with 1:10 credits… I give it a D+

the second one wasn’t bad though. Give it a space rumble sound effect and you’re in business!

Eh… D+ is better than F, but I have Indian parents… uh…

Yeah, the first one looks a little weird, partially because I had to put it through WLMM twice, and that screwed up the resolution as well as the color a little. Stupid WMG. I also think it had to do with my blurring and mixing of the footage and the asteroid to try to get a better blend, which I think was repetitive, unnecessary, and counterproductive in the end. And my use of the glare node was also unnecessary. I think I might redo it.

The second one has disappearing particles and I didn’t know how to flatten f-curves then, so it looks a little weird.

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it.

I like the second one better, looks more asteroid like (I have seen so many close up :slight_smile: ). However it seems to be oddly shaped.

If you’re not entirely happy with your video editing software you might consider trying out Blender’s video sequencer. That’s what I usually use and I find it really useful.

I love the video sequencer, Movie Maker is my quick n’ dirty way of dishing the video out quickly(it’s for a competition between my friend and I, and we get bonus points for earliness.)

Love it, best of luck in your friendly competition!

Andrew Price is strong with this one!
Wrong I am? :wink:

…for me, blender is the “quick and dirty” way to put a video together… but that’s as opposed to like FCE and Premiere…

anyways, with respects to the first (5 second…) animation, I know you probably were not going for photorealistic, but regardless something like that would be going orders of magnitudes faster, and probably would be engulfed in burning air around it, but I suppose that in itself would be an entirely new project to deal with :slight_smile:

And yeah, blenderguru reference agreed ^^

Right, all of you are. Blender Guru, I used. Genius, the “modeling” technique he used is. Know that there should be burning air, I do. But, how to create it, I could not figure out.

Good to see you again, and I think the second one is excellent. If you compare it to some of the asteroid sequences in “Empire Strikes Back” this stands up very well.
Great going. And yeah, Andrew rocks! (not sure if the pun was really intended or not…)

Ah, but episode V was made in like the 1970s. And I do believe they used miniature models for either that movie or the one before(I haven’t watched episode VI).

ha ha, -sorry! :)-

The animations are good, but an asteroid isn’t a meat ball, those balls are furious faster and bring a terrific blow before the impact, on the void, they seem have a peaceful velocity, with some rotations, I recommend you celestia.

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