Asteroid-belt-script v0.2 (alpha) RC1

Hi @ all

Honestly, I’m not a fan of alpha and pre-beta software – especially when I’m the developer of that software. But I will get my hands full with other tasks in August. And I HAVE TO go on holidays (damn, can you imagine, how I hate that :wink: ) in two weeks.
So I release my Asteroid-belt script in version 0.2 as alpha, resp. pre-beta. Most of the functions works, but there are some annoying bugs. Hope, that I will find time soon to fix/finish that.

Get the script here:

What’s new:

  • Complete new GUI: The functions are now structured in the sections ‘Object’, ‘Material&IPO’, ‘Space’, and ‘View’

  • The ‘Give me one!’ button generates one Object (if desired with IPO) at the actual position of the cursor

  • Object origin: You can choose between Meta balls and a existing mesh-object of the scene as template (Yay! Try out a 1000-Suzanne-asteroid-belt!!!)

  • Better options: You can now manipulate more, resp. better options for creating, subsurf and randomizing

  • New field geometries:

  • Cuboidal creates a cube or cuboid (have to change the term)

  • Speher creates a 3D-sphere

  • Torus creates a torus-like field

  • Flat ring creates a ring structure with the profile of a cuboid

  • Flat disk creates a round disk with the profile of a cuboid

  • Rounded disk creates a round disk with rounded edges (full radius)

  • Instead of absolute field-border positions, a center in x, y and z is defined

  • Speed optimization: The placement of the objects is now 20-30% faster. A quadrant-system provides a minimized checkout effort, while placement

  • Like v0.1.1 v0.2.x is under CC Attribution license

What’s not good:

  • The whole ‘view’ section is not implemented yet
  • That ranted ‘implemented’ means that simplification is not working yet. Playing with the GUI elements is useless
  • The ‘hard trial’ function is buggy. It piles up objects very unlovely and violates the field borders. Better leave it disabled yet. I have to rewrite it from scratch
  • Only a suspicion: Fields with a dense structure contains scattered objects which conflate.

Nevertheless, I hope you have fun with the script.


That’s a very nice script!

One thing that I would like to see, is to be able to select a group as a mesh source. That way you can multiple custom objects into your rings.

(for people that haven’t downloaded the script yet)
Here is a quick/cheesy little example of what you can do with it.

Grouping seems to be a very good idea. I think this will be an option in the ‘Space’ section.

In the meanwhile I found two new (Major-)bugs:

  • All metameshs (objects) have the mesh-option ‘No V.Normal Flip’ enabled. That causes problems with the material settings while rendering
  • If an existing object is used as template, there is no option, that preserves the original ratio of this object. You can disbale randomizing, smoothing, IPO, Subsurf and scaling (Max.Size=Min.Size), but the ratio between x, y and z is lost.

If I find some time, I try to fix this (and insert the group option) before my plane is starting :smiley:
Hang in there!




I was in good mood, so I fixed the two bugs and added a feature.

  • Ratio preservation of source objects is now working
  • Objects should now render with the correct material settings
  • Under the section ‚Space’, you can now define a group (if not existing, the script creates a new). OK, it’s not exactly what radialronnie was suggesting, but as a start it’s not bad, especially, if you want to move different groups.
Welcome back Dave
Around 8000 Objects (4000 solid and 4000 halo)

But still much work in front of me…
The hard trial-bug is still open and I think the performance decreased a little since the last relese. Have to optimise…

I replaced the existing script. It’s the same download link. The new version is v0.2 Alpha RC1 (:spin: eehhm… no clue, how a bugfixed alpha should be called)

Have fun!