Asteroid Environment

This is an environment I’ve been working on for a few days now.
Looking for particular feedback on the overall look / colour / post-production, full resolution image here

Thanks :slight_smile:


It looks a lot like lava. Best bet is to study up on texture mapping and alter it using Gimp. It’s nice abstract art though; a touch heavy.

Wow,attracting!It looks like a painting of Vincent van gogh.

Hi moby1kenob,
First I would say you are having issues with the Lighting. It looks as if you have a light that it positioned either right behind or in front of the camera. This is causing the lighting to look flat and thus, it’s flattening out the bump map. Usually when lighting a scene, you want to use light and shadow to give the viewer cues as to what they are looking at. If the light falls across the surface, the viewer will have a greater understanding of it’s curvature. Also, out in space there is usually only one light source. Although, This isn’t very interesting looking either. I would suggest using one key light placed off the the upper right or left side of the frame and a dim fill light placed in the opposite corner. I think this will help a lot. It would also help to turn down the lighting in general. It looks as if you are blowing out the whites in your texture map.

Keep plugging away!