Asteroids and UV mapping

Hi all, I am attempting to create some fairly nice asteroids using as few polys as possible to put into my game I am making.

I have created asteroids using cubes subdivided once, and I found a couple of stone textures to use, however:
** While in regular render, the texture shows up
** In game mode, the texture does not. I have tried normal, shaded and textured.
** In regular render, the texture is stretched a bit on some spots.
To UV map them I went to materials/textures and set up an image as the texture, then I clicked [TEX FACE ONLY]

What am I doing wrong? Also, does anyone have any in depth UV mapping tutorials?
I will post screens soon for both critique and comments.

Thanks for the help, and in the meantime, I will continue to attempt to solve this problem.

check the wiki for uv mapping stuff - but what exactly are u asking about uv mapping? i could help ya with specific questions…

for making the asteroids, start out with an icosphere and pull vertices after pressing “o” - forget what that’s called… then search deviant for these moon gimp brushes that i’ve gotten - make a crater filled moon-dusty pic and use that as a texture.

i dont know if u already know this but to do that u’ll have to unwrap the uv faces in the image window - press “e” to do that but first you’ll have to make seams in the uv faces - ctrl e >> mark seams. then make the texture so that it takes care of the cuts in the uv layout.

that’s prolly confusing so ask away if u have questions, and definitely check out the wiki. if you’re still confused i’ll go more in depth and i’ll shoot u some examples.

EDITED: Oh right, you did use TexFace… My mistake:o Just scanning over the post as always…:wink:
But what you have to do to actually assign the texture is assign it in face select mode (F), I’m not sure if you did that or not.
Oh, and the “O” thing Jason mentioned is called proportional editing, or falloff, or something…

I have made some nice textured asteroids for a space shooting game. They even have sounds for bumping and exploding! Just to be nice I will let you have them. Just let me upload the blend.