Just realized I posted to the wrong subforum. Great way to start off posting to the forums again…
Just a quick little game I made while getting accustomed to the game engine. There are still a handful of issues with it, but given that it is a test exercise and nothing serious I thought I’d post it anyway.

Download Link - Dropbox

I’m mainly looking for critique regarding the way I’ve scripted in python. A link to a good GLSL material/texturing tutorial would be extremely helpful as well!

Nice game but very difficult to control the spaceship.
Maybe i used the wrong blender version. You should add which version is required to play.
I don’t know much about scripting but it seems good.

I’ve wanted to make that game for some time now, but only with logic bricks since I have no knowledge on python. Still learning bricks tricks though :slight_smile:
Yours looks pretty decent. The ship is really slow to respond though and the asteroids indestructible :slight_smile: I think even with current graphics it looks fairly sufficient and you don’t need great upgrade there. Just add menu, some levels with rising difficulty , destructible asteroids, some bonuses maybe. After that wrap it and call it a nice little game :slight_smile: I’d pretty much like to see that. Go for it please!