Aston for fun

I try to put some lights glow/on light and chrome :slight_smile: Cycles 1000s

Max light glow :))

Very nice! I love the max glow render. :slight_smile:

I like the scene! Did you model the car on your own?

very very nice, and it really proves how good environement and lighting is useful to bring out the quality of a model.

thanks for the nice feedback, the model is made in a blender some time ago , now its a little refreshed, added new lamps new led light i front lamp etc. I changed the windows would have been a little smoother in general , the model has evolved over the year. :)))

As for lighting , I agree ,that a good environment and the good ambient light and of course godd settings is much more able to draw from a model than a pure light and simple background :stuck_out_tongue:

like the max light glow render!

awesome work

Great work! + for the environment. The max glow one is sweet!

This is incredible. It’s photo realistic! Outstanding!

Nice! I’m not sure about this little detail:

I know I’m pointing out a very small thing, but the rest is done so well that I think ruins the whole experience

Perhaps there is some small detail that escaped somewhere, but there is no renders perfect, because the world is not perfect :))) but thanks for your attention: D

let us recognize that when entering a hall banged on the gate post and bumper dent him :)))

The bonus :slight_smile: car got the mesh grill and parking sensors
As I had some time this snacking plumber to repair the paint


On the final visualization can be seen that this is not a bug but a collapse / reflection of the hall in which the object is rounded hall continuity reflections on the subject, “let’s call it a spherical” is flawless, photo reference reflection and refraction behaves like visualization :slight_smile:


Terrific renders. Very photorealistic.

Steve S