Aston Martin DB11

Hello everyone !

I just finish this DB11 Aston Martin, it’s a very beautiful car. I saw it for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show, and wow very impresive car ! The DB11 was designed by Marek Reichman.
Very enjoyable to modeling.

I used Blender 2.7x, Cycle and Gimp

I made this car to write a long tutorial about modeling/materials/lighting/rendering car with Blender and Cycle. Well, I spend a lot of hours and finally I wrote 115 pages of tutorial, available here in PDF (I present it on my website, where you can download it) : Automobile and Blenderor download here
You can find a preview pdf, right top of the big picture.
Caution : I receive one feedback about the quality of translation, if you want a full tutorial in perfect english, don’t download, because I’m not a native english speaker :slight_smile:

I love studio renders and I try to make the best studio render of cars. I hope you like it !

Others pictures on the post below :



The wire :

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I made a material very configurable. For example, here is two configurations of the same material :

If you have any question about my project, I’ll be happy to answer you !

Happy blending to all !



Will buy it today! awesome work

Well, thank you !
I’d be happy if you give me an opinion about the tutorial !

Wow, amazing work! Good job man!

Thank you, it’s a pleasure !

Don’t hesitate, if someone want to ask me something about my modelling, rendering or other.

it’s so shining… awesome work.:smiley:

Very nice! I know how much work it takes to model cars.
I have one question: do you use planes and then the solidify modifier to increase thickness?

Thanks to you !

Super awesome car render!

Thanks, I appreciate !

yeah, awesome work. so much detail

Thank you for your question : sometimes I use the modifier solidify but it’s when the piece is very simple and relatively flat. In general, I prefer add fake thickness by myself.

@Corsas, I appreciate :slight_smile:

Last Up for have comments about my project.
Have a good holiday season!

Stunning renders man!!! really well done, also like your test scene for the material. Is that shareable??? :slight_smile:

PS i think you should give an example PDF, say first 1-3 pages or so. This will give the user a quick preview what its like and whether he/she actually wants to buy it.

Now the possible buyer has no clue of what he/she will receive from you.

Does you tut also cover engine parts by coincidence?

nice very impressive


Thanks for the comments !
Well no, I don’t want to share my blend. But the material is explain in my book.
You can find a preview of the english version, on the download page. There is a button “preview” on the right top of the big picture :slight_smile:
And no sorry, I didn’t cover the engine parts, that’s a lot of work for sure !

Ow most have skipped that