Aston Martin DB5

Some of my older work (Late 2015 - Early 2016), I think this was my second proper car model.
As you can see, the seams between the doors and the hood weren’t that great in this one.

It was a fun project, and a good learning project.
Be sure to check out my newest projects too! For, you know - better door seams. :wink:

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Thanks for checking my DB5 out!

I think it’s a really nice job! The car imho is perfectly modelled. The only thing I personally don’t like is the white car paint shader. However, great job :wink:

Great work! :slight_smile:
I stuck with my own DB5 model years ago and couldn’t force myself to finish it. Yours looks so awesome I think I will finish mine.

Thank you! Yeah, it was supposed to be a silver paint shader, but I guess it came out a bit too light haha :slight_smile:

  • Nico

Thanks! You should definitely finish your DB5! Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

  • Nico